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CU Anschutz Today (University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus)

‘Fabulous Faces’

Crouched at his desk in a quiet corner of a university lab, Francis Smith, PhD, peers at rows of jagged lines spanning his computer screen. The hum of rotators gently mixing vials is all that breaks the silence, as the postdoctoral research fellow studies genome sequencing reads, looking for mutations. MORE

CU Denver Today

Learning for Life

When she should have been packing books and bean-bag chairs, Sabrina Walker began chemotherapy. With college-acceptance letter in hand and scholarships in place, the 18-year-old’s plans were abruptly halted by a cancer diagnosis. Instead of dorm life, late nights and final exams, the Alaska native waved goodbye to her college-bound friends and dug in for a fight for her life. And it wasn’t even her first time. MORE

CU Denver hosts Jann Haworth

Jann Haworth’s “Old Lady,” which graces a Grammy-winning Beatles’ album cover, sits propped in the center of the Emmanuel Art Gallery. Visitors to the first internationally-acclaimed artist exhibition since the University of Colorado Denver took over the gallery marvel at the diverse use of colors in creating the soft sculpture’s wrinkles. MORE

Sky Ridge Medical Center

Miracles after birth

“What Happened?” It was a question Tom Wright had both longed for and dreaded. As he looked into his wife’s confused eyes, answering her question by listing a string of harrowing moments that they’d struggled through for the past four weeks, he knew it was a sign that she had turned a corner. MORE

Young heart-breaker

The first time she walked into the Sky Ridge Cardiac Rehab center, full of treadmills and other fitness equipment, Jennifer Halvas burst out crying. It wasn’t the thought of exercise that upset the Castle Pines mom. Weeks before, the petite 42-year-old was swinging Kettlebells and perfecting powerlifts at a CrossFit studio. MORE

Health and Wellness magazine

Making life golden again

Gayle Schendzielos noticed the tremor shortly after her 50th birthday. Her hands had begun to quiver with every task — typing, sewing, capping the toothpaste. It was only a slight tremor, but it was a sign: She was destined for the “shakes” … MORE

Taking it to heart

For some people, it feels like Ringo Star belting out a drum solo right in the middle of their chest. For others, it's more like the catch of the day from a fishing trip flopping around beneath their breast bone. And still others simply describe it as a racing heart – one that's threatening to make a grand escape. MORE

Reemerging epidemic

It was well past midnight, and Valerie Castillo was so worried about her 3-week-old son’s cough, she wouldn’t put him down. She finally propped little Jeremiah on her chest and fell into a few minutes of fitful sleep. When she awoke at 2 a.m. and looked down at her baby, he was blue. MORE

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Colorado Health and Wellness magazine

Making a splash

In a grainy family video, Missy Franklin’s dad tapes his toddler ̶ decked out in short, pink overalls and a denim-blue bonnet ̶ as she tosses leaves and sticks into a gurgling stream. Mesmerized by the water, Missy keeps her mother on high alert … MORE

One on one with missy franklin

Whether you are a rising teenage swimming star, a parent of a dedicated athlete, or simply someone in need of some positive words and inspiration, a recent interview with Colorado’s own Olympic champion offers a little bit of something for everyone. MORE

Empty nesting

Although I knew it was coming, it still felt like it had crept up on me. I found myself standing in a dorm room, watching as a key focus of my life for the past 18 years lugged boxes into a cramped space that would be his for the next nine months. A space that wasn’t my home. MORE

Boulder Magazine

Conquering anxiety

The pictures will always stay etched in Lori Flynn’s mind. Massive up-rooted trees, hurled like toothpicks by the river’s powerful force. Water churning up ground and sweeping across the highway toward her cabin two miles up the North St. Vrain canyon. MORE

Boulder County Home and Garden magazine

After the big one

On the night of Sept. 11, 2013, Jay Hodge assessed his options as the incessant rain continued. The river abutting his Rock n River Resort, a few miles above Lyons in the North St. Vrain canyon, was rising. MORE

Natural Awakenings magazine

Flexing our muscles

Women who shy away from the traditionally male-centric weight rooms might want to reconsider. Standing their ground amid the deadlift bars and iron plates could lead to a host of unimagined benefits. MORE

Jungle gym

Fitness seekers across the country are finding their wild sides by crouching like cougars, leaping like leopards and crawling like crabs. MORE

Research Colorado, BizWest Media

Cougar hunt backfires

Intrigued by headlines claiming cougars were on the prowl from Hollywood to New York, two University of Colorado Denver researchers recently went on the hunt, calculators loaded, to reveal if this stated phenomenon — that rich, older women were increasingly bagging young, sexy men — was fact or fiction. MORE

ColoradoBiz magazine

The healing game

If you can muddle through the rhetoric and set aside a rash of crystal-ball predictions surrounding health-care reform, you can find one thing that's clear about the landmark legislation: very little. MORE