I love writing. Whether it’s a marketing piece, an in-depth magazine article, or a letter to Grandma, I enjoy every challenge of creating a perfectly-worded product that targets and engages my specific audience.

I also:

Am a storyteller. Nearly every project has a “story,” something that resonates with readers and hooks them with the human connection.

Respect people. My job demands digging into strangers’ lives, which requires sensitivity and respect.

Am versatile. Whether breaking news or attracting new patients, I am adept at understanding diverse clients’ needs and shaping my work to meet their goals.

Have a medical focus. While I can tackle any topic well, I am a veteran health and medical writer.

Love editing. Spotting mistakes, helping other writers create quality copy, and pre-editing my own work are strengths I gained from a solid editing background.

Work well with others. From photographers to videographers and designers to editors, creating quality projects requires thoughtful collaboration.

I am a Colorado native who loves the great outdoors, my wonderful husband, and my two grown sons. I feel blessed to live in my ideal home near the foothills of Lyons, which is shared with dogs, cats, chickens and pheasant (not all inside, of course).